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Jewellery valuation and cleaning service's

Jewellery Polishing Service

We offer a jewellery cleaning service for all your tired and old Jewellery, wedding rings and engagement rings reinstating your pieces to their former glory! Day to day activities can take effect on your jewellery. In particular, jewellery containing stones can need cleaning because dirt gets caught around the stone and is tricky to remove yourself. Jewellery can get scratched and scuffed from everyday wear. 

Prices start from £19.99, Discounts offered for large quantity of items. contact us for further information. Bring back your jewellery’s shine and sparkle with our expert ring cleaning and ring polishing service. 

Jewellery Valuation

A Jewellery valuation is crucial for insurance purposes – giving you peace of mind if possessions get lost, damaged or stolen.

Our valuations are both thorough and accurate – meaning they can be relied upon if you do encounter any problems.

Our experts will provide you with a detailed assessment, a description including quality and details of stones and metal, a digital image of each item and an official valuation.

A flat fee of just £70 is charged for up to 5 pieces submitted, plus 1% of the total of the valuation for the complete service. This 1% applies to the first £20,000, values beyond this figure will be subject to a 0.5% charge and added. If you have more than 1 item and need your valuation completed within one working day there is an additional fee of £60.

Selling your Jewellery

We buy most jewellery, and will always offer a fair price for your items of jewellery, no matter what the value. We love buying all types of  jewellery from vintage to modern contemporary pieces which can be done by emailing us details, pictures and additional certification you may have. Our trained experts will then review the piece and calculate an offer very quickly. Once we have provided you with a free quote, there is no obligation to sell whatsoever. Please note an additional assessment maybe required for items which are not Hallmarked and can be done within our office, allowing a firm offer to be made on the items you wish to sell.  

If would like to find out what your jewellery is worth, please contact us with your enquirers or make an appointment via the home page.